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Praxis International Summer Camps offer an immersive experience in Eco-Living and Entrepreneurship with ESL (English as a Second Language) for anyone who wants to learn Canadian English!

5-Day Solar PV Design & Installation Workshop

This workshop will provide a thorough understanding of the unique aspects of solar PV system design and installation.

Canadian Solar Institute

It will cover the importance of system sizing, component selection as well as good design and installation practices.

The workshop will constitute both theoretical and practical sessions ending with a competency examination.

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The Praxis Difference

At Praxis we believe that each student has the capacity to change the world through innovation and creative thinking and that capacity is multiplied many times over when students from around the world work together.

- Why Choose Praxis International
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Why Praxis International

Why Choose Praxis International

- We are affordable
- Saskatchewan offers Free Regular Medical Coverage
- We are in the middle of Canada and close to major cities by air
- We are close to many Universities and Colleges
- We offer English Immersion and Extra Language
- We offer industry and work experience assistance
- And much more.........



We offer several programs including:
High School
Summer Camp
Winter Camp
English Language Preparation